Tamara Rudolph 2021 Classroom Grant Award Winner

Tamara Rudolph 2021 GoTeach! Classroom Grant Award Winner
Posted on 10/19/2021
All Hands-On Literacy!
The purpose of the project is to increase literacy scores by incorporating multisensory strategies and learning tools—fun colors, a variety of shapes and sizes—into classroom instruction. The project will benefit students by allowing them to tap into different parts of their brains by engaging more than one sense at a time. Teachers who use several different types of intelligence strategies like bodily-kinesthetic intelligence to teach academic skills often notice that their students understand concepts better and retain more knowledge down the road. The project is innovative because it is bringing a multisensory approach to standard lessons. The use of these “tools'' which will involve the various senses during learning is sure to fill in the gap that is much needed due to the academic loss due to Covid-19.